Beijing East 2016 autumn auction Juchui double 11 Ming Dynasty statue valued 15 million pomegranate

Beijing East 2016 autumn auction Juchui double 11 Ming Dynasty statue of Beijing in 2016 15 million the orthodox valuation pomegranate autumn auction in Beijing Kerry Hotel held a preview and auction preview time for the November 8th to 10, the auction time is November 11 to 12 days. After a few months to collect the autumn beat, a total of more than 1200 pieces of screening treasures, will be divided into sixteen special. We will continue this multi pronged pace, trying to build things to the Royal Star brand, the special common development trend, provide a full range of quality of platform for art lovers from all walks of life. Popular [Royal]. Selection of Ming and Qing imperial art, as in the past will maintain high quality. The three statues of different age, different materials of the palace of amitayus Buddha statues became the focus of the field; at the Yuan Dynasty porcelain is hung, and an important transition period of Yongle Xuande, between the overall style between Yuan Dynasty and Yongle Xuan Dezhao. On the underglaze red, Hongwu underglaze red porcelain of the Ming Dynasty is the most successful firing stage, but also in its heyday. If the yuan is in the blue and white porcelain as the representative of the painted porcelain glaze, then hung at start with underglaze red porcelain for the new era of painted porcelain glaze. The orthodox Beijing shot in the autumn of 2016, a Ming Hongwu of the underglaze red pomegranate flower pattern throughout the melon Leng long special Royal statue unveiled. Painting part will continue to launch such as Yi — Chinese painting and calligraphy special], the special quality of ancient and modern masters covers more than twenty pieces, more Kangxi emperor Yubi book "Heart Sutra". The autumn auction [as the wonderfulness — ancient Buddhist art special, the auction will be based on ten to eighteenth Century statues, covers the northeast of India, Western Tibet Style para Tibet Guge and statues, also include statues of Central Plains and the Tibetan and Han style in Ming Dynasty palace statues. Beijing Dongzheng 2016 Autumn Auction added [cloud Gong – Wanzai ancient jade special, for art lovers from all walks of life has more than 50 pieces of ancient jade art treasures, rare materials, covering multiple categories. The cover art of Qianlong jade dragon ear live ring three foot Gong "shape of large timber stress, clearly, very precious. The new [things — Buddha, jade and antique art] show everything prepared the beauty of this special, set more than 40 pieces of precious cultural relics, types and material is the elegant artistic cover and contain everything, jade, jade carvings as a decoration in the whole round of evil, and jade seed material, white, whole the theme is ancient, but the carving techniques and artistic expression for the Qing Dynasty typical jixiangyu, this product was in Taiwan National Museum of history, and in many overseas tour, published on the album "in the same field of Qing Dynasty jade carving art exhibition", a reliable source of clear. More statues, carving, porcelain and other boutique tasting until Jun. [outside the ordinary — Western furniture and rare wine special], is divided into two parts of western furniture and rare wines, western art, in nineteenth Century the European part of silver, antique furniture, Western clocks and top international master works a total of 140 pieces of pipe. Rare vintage by some orthodox LuxeHome for auction hall相关的主题文章:

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