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The "anti black" action group notice poster double Jean Reynolds just fierce attack – Sohu "anti Black Entertainment action group" the ultimate poster [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by Benjamin Loetscher director, Jean Reynolds, Katerina Moreno, Alban – Lenoir starring action film "action against black crime group" will be released in the mainland in December 9th Chinese. Today, the film side issued a "battle rage" trailer and posters, starred in "The Professional" the strength of the actors Jean Reynolds from old, love me tender killer turned "Geng Ye" God led the police, the gang domineering against criminal gangs, a failed melee will be staged a life-and-death matter. The street hostage conspiracy against black group into the trailer will fight today exposed tension film everything. A jewelry store robbery caused confusion, the black group captured bandits are extremely arrogant, but in the end because of lack of evidence was forced to release the suspect. The new boss and the gang heart rift, Jean Reynolds in the helpless situation of fight a lone battle. Along with the "armed robbery happened yesterday is just the beginning of the discourse, people once again led to countless guess the story.     the same period of the release of the poster also echoes the atmosphere of thrilling film. The black group all hold good guns, solemnly ready, will show the criminals arrested the ambitious. But behind the debris blasting but shows a member’s harsh situation, suggesting that "good" for the black group will face justice of the declaration of the history of the most severe sinister, and the bottom of the screen is red for the mysterious smiling face of a good battle added a bit eerie. The poster on the composition of One divides into two. also indicates that, first let justice Evil can never prevail over good., Renault has long been eager for a fight set a gauntlet "street showdown against war". As the black group firepower, the full pursuit, shooting, melee, blasting the city only heard his name has been the ultimate fighting to let the audience feel excited. Jean Reynolds gun gaze determination bloody tough guy Jean between Renault group and black color God police anti crime wits become the biggest highlight film. The film will be inserted through the shootout in the thrills of slow shot played most incisive, such as melee fight scene scene is full of bloody, a move smooth and clean, not sloppy, sincere to the meat of the expression of great tension, make the film showing extra texture of the real scene, feeling overwhelmed. The strength of actor Jean Reno even more responsibility, not only hand gun, gun, aiming and shooting action at one go, it is anti black group "command mind" and "forward action", bold and crafty play, male hormone bursting, broken screen and tough spirit. Let the Reynolds from "The Professional" in the "killer" transition to the "blood god police", called the contrast of the large build a new role, acting is all the more comprehensive test, surely this let Renault led the tough guy style blood will also refresh the audience for its inherent cognitive, again make fans adrenaline soaring. Anti crime action group.相关的主题文章:

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