Another wave of strong cold air strikes 8 days since the temperature dropped significantly in Fujian 9c8996

A wave of strong cold air strikes on the 8 day Fujian temperature decreased app- Fujian daily November 5th new Fujian (reporter Zhang Jingwen) 4 reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, from 4 to 7, in our province, the temperature gradually increased; 8, affected by strong cold air, over temperature decreased. From 9 to 11, the lowest temperature in Nanping, Sanming, Ningde and Longyan four cities of Northwest total cooling rate of up to 8 to 10 DEG C, more than 10 local. Experts remind the public to pay attention to the influence of sudden changes in temperature on health. 8 ~ 11, the coastal wind continues to be large, the province’s coastal areas of the wind from the 7 ~ 8, gusts of wind from the northeast to the wind of 9 ~ 10, sea vessels and maritime operations personnel should pay attention to safety. Specific predictions are as follows: 5 to 6 days, the province cloudy to overcast, which is part of the northern coastal areas of 6 days of night light rain; 7, the province overcast, parts of the northern region with light rain; 8 ~ 10 days, the province’s cities and some cloudy, with light rain, the 9 Northwestern Fujian local moderate; 11 to 12 during the day on the night, the province cloudy; 12 ~ 13 days, the province overcast to cloudy with light rain, parts of the northern region. >相关的主题文章:

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