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Anhui announced the JAC group, Anhui publishing group, 6 units patrol rectification – Anhui Channel – October 9th, Anhui discipline inspection and supervision website announced intensive JAC group company and Anhui Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources, Coal Geological Bureau of Anhui province committee, Anhui publishing group, Anhui Province Department of housing and urban rural construction, Anhui Province Local Taxation Bureau Inspection rectification. Jac group company Party Committee on patrol rectification briefing according to the provincial unified deployment, from March 23, 2016 to May 30th, the seventh provincial inspection teams to conduct a tour of the JAC group company. July 6th, the provincial seventh inspection teams feedback to the group’s Party committee views. According to the regulations on the inspection of the Communist Party of China and the relevant provisions of the inspection and rectification will be announced. A summary of the rectification work, JAC group party deeply understand the significance of the rectification inspection, to strengthen the implementation of the rectification of political responsibility and mission play, with highly vigilant and responsible attitude, fully implement the party to manage the party strictly requirements, a comprehensive look at, to the provincial inspection group feedback problem correctly always, to grasp the corrective feedback as the company’s biggest political task, truly understand fully and effective measures and significant effect. 1 attach great importance to repeated deployment. The provincial inspection group feedback and rectification, JAC Party attaches great importance to. In less than a month’s time, the group held a special meeting of four senior leadership, in-depth study on the rectification of the deployment. The company set up the rectification and rectification work leading group office, clear responsibilities and objectives, focus on the problem of inspection teams feedback and rectification of repeated discussions, quickly issued "on the seventh provincial inspection teams of the JAC group company to carry out inspections feedback rectification plan", "book", "three rectification task a special rectification program and specific issues related to nuclear notice. Leaders at all levels to effectively take the lead to grasp the overall role, combined with the charge of the business, many organizations to discuss the work of the rectification and deployment, personally grasp the rectification, the rectification work in an orderly manner. 2 compaction responsibility, layer by layer decomposition. According to the principle of "seeking truth from facts, overall, the current and long-term perspective based on the combination of" principle, company Party committee held a meeting seminar, focusing on inspection feedback seven aspects of 15 specific problems are combed, developed 55 rectification tasks, a clear responsibility department, responsible leadership and completion time, the specific responsibility to people, specifically to do, specific to the Department, condemnation, pay close attention to the responsibility to implement, so each piece is nowhere to be found. Group subsidiaries and JAC shares company owned units, the positive response group Party deployment requirements, immediately set up a working group on patrol rectification, feedback, replicability, develop the unit rectification plan, were sort of more than 260, more than 510 specific corrective tasks, at present, all the problems have to carry out a comprehensive inspection feedback rectification. 3 stare at the problem, serious verification. Provincial inspection group of two batches of company transferred the inspection reports and letters received during the specific problems point to the JAC set, involving a total of more than 60. Jac group immediately deployed, concentrate)相关的主题文章:

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