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The old Angelababy exposure was once a "Angela Chang background model" – Beijing, Beijing, October 8, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, actress Angelababy14 years old models into the circle, now utilities across TV and movies, hosted every year, works on the big screen. In fact, when she was just unknown debut, but also served as Angela Chang’s background model, the recent photos were dug up, causing hot friends. You can see from the photo, Angelababy in more than one clothing promotional photos are standing behind Angela Chang, at the time of each other in the drama, record brisk performance, with many endorsements, fame and fortune. But at that time, Angelababy had just played the first TV series, the picture is a long hair, deep face, and now there is no difference compared to a lot, but less mature women’s temperament. It is worth mentioning that she was later signed to a new agency, acting from Hongkong to the mainland, from the hands of Angela Chang took the hygiene drinks, brand endorsements, many users have a message "at that time, only in the eyes of Angela Chang, was completely oblivious to her, but now it appears that both sides each have their own charm. As a matter of fact, Angelababy has also been a dancer for Jay Chou Hongkong concert in 2005. In 2012, she officially and famous brokerage company Huayi Brothers signed, and set up a personal studio, exposure and abundant works she is also referred to as "one of the four small artistes, more a vase impression, hold back the best supporting actress in this year’s popular movie hundred flowers, people and acting proven.相关的主题文章:

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