Analysis of the British Kam physical fitness Charlton superior away Ping – Sohu doat

The British Championships: Charlton’s physical analysis due to excellent anti flat – Sohu UK Championship: Colchester United VS Charlton game time: 2016 11.09 Wednesday 03:45 asian handicap: 0.82 Colchester United -0.25 Charlton 1.08 index: 4.30 3.45 1.70 European Prospective events: this week is also entered the national team in the league match day, week basically stalled only the British Championships, play a leading role. This game belongs to the different level of the team. The Colchester League slump, too horrible to look at recent record, out of the FA Cup, even the British Championships they are also extremely, already did not qualify, the war only fight for honor. In contrast, Charlton in out of the two game losing streak, the team’s recent double battle unbeaten in 5, which last week’s FA Cup victory over Scunthorpe, played a more recent masterpiece, the team’s recent fire promotion, is the battle to win confidence guarantee. Because the opponent has no hope of qualifying, Charlton is likely to win 3 points. In recent years, the two sides face each other’s victory, just last season’s FA Cup, Colchester United had eliminated Charlton, so the game team must wake up twelve minutes spirit. Analysis of ball tank handicap: disk potential, because the team has no outlet, also let Charlton made 0.25 for the logical disk, but the water level set up in the high water position, shuban Bo full flavor is very thick, Charlton recently on many fronts and physical exertion, this situation not to do so through the data disk. SMG recommended: 1 Asian recommended: Colchester Union (+0.25)相关的主题文章:

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