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Mengshan accidentally falling off a cliff climbing tour pal fire brigade 4 hours rescue Xintai tour pal climb Mengshan accidentally falling off a cliff in October 7th, Mengshan scenic valley had CMC flowers a thrilling scene, who lives in Xintai and a companion meet climbing knife tour pal, because of the steep mountain terrain, from the mountains of fall, injury to the waist, unable to move. A difficult rescue after nearly 4 hours of the fire brigade, the injured were rescued down tour pal. 11:27 at noon on October 7th, Mengyin city police fire brigade brigade received a report said: a visitor Mengshan scenic valley near the CMC flowers trapped the top of the mountain, in urgent need of rescue. After receiving the alarm, Mengcheng battalion squadron immediately dispatched 12 fire officers and soldiers rushed rushed to the scene to implement the rescue. After the vehicle arrived at the foot of the mountain, due to the narrow mountain road can not continue to move forward, rescue workers quickly get off, carrying a stretcher, rope and other rescue equipment rushed to the site. Because of the injured is to choose the road up the mountain, the steep, complex terrain features, and trapped the mountain top fourth tour pal is located in hell, fire and rescue personnel are unable to identify the specific location of trapped persons. In the tour pal and alarm after the confluence with the tour pal talk, to further understand the injury situation and the location of the injured tour pal, the commander immediately ordered the rescue workers carrying multifunctional rescue stretcher, rescue rope and other equipment rushed to the site of the incident. After about 40 minutes of search, rescue workers arrived at the top of the trapped. Arrived at the scene, I saw the expression on the side of the mountain tour pal leaning near the top of the cliff, pain, kept a groan of pain. Unable to move due to injury, the tour pal waist, as soon as possible in order to rescue the trapped people, decisive commander ordered it immediately carried on a multifunctional rescue stretcher, confirm the tour pal in multifunctional rescue stretcher fixed firmly, rescuers carefully lift trapped down. The narrow and steep mountain road, many rocks, brought difficulty and considerable danger to the rescue work, to ensure safety, fire officers and soldiers can only be a step slow down. After dangerous locations, the players will be scheduled in advance, good protection measures. Rescue process, the fire officers and soldiers are constantly taking turns to carry the injured, and chat with the injured uninterrupted conversation, scattered the injured attention, to maintain their conscious and relieve pain. After nearly 2.5 hours of struggling, finally trapped rushed to hospital lift down tour pal. It is understood that a woman in the tour pal, with fellow climbers meet, because of the steep mountain terrain, and not familiar with the terrain, accidentally falling from the top of the hill, but was blocked by not far below a tree, resulting in waist injury. As a result of the accident came suddenly, the team did not carry a professional medical and rescue tools, just a simple treatment of the injured. How can such a high mountain, carried the injured person down, we are helpless. Helpless, had to call the police. After nearly 4 hours of difficult rescue, successfully rescued the female tour pal, is currently receiving treatment in hospital, no life-threatening. Here, the fire department to remind the outdoor mountaineering tour pal, you concentrate, do not climb)相关的主题文章:

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