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A network transmission Henan scenic area vendors play tourists? The reporter visits the truth related video: real shot Henan beat 17 more tourists scenic stall HD Photo please click on > > > a blink of an eye, eleven small holiday is nearing completion, think the mood is not beautiful ~.~ however, more depressing is that these two days in the online heat transfer of a video, according to the publisher said, "on October 3rd, a 17 year old tourists, because in Xuchang Yuzhou Shenhou (Hou four) Lingquan Temple scenic area at the entrance of a snack stalls, after dinner many sat for a time, it was the boss of the beat." A time of rumors since four, can "reference" the reporter interviews of both parties, and the transfer of the complete video of the incident, found the truth otherwise cause. In the video, a middle-aged man wearing a white vest against a young man is playing and kicking, it is true, such as online biography, because the tourists sit for a while? After the incident, big reference reporter rushed to the Central Hospital in Yuzhou, the young man was shot in the video to prove the super small. During the interview, a small ultra insisted, because their meal sitting for a while, to the food stalls boss beaten. In order to further understand the specific cause of what happened, reporters rushed to the Lingquan temple entrance area, see the event of the other party, the boss warm food stalls, he told reporters that things are another cause. The temperature of a small, super is not online said the tourists, but to the entrance area selling toys. Because there is a children’s playground next to his stall, a small ultra in the stall process, take food stalls stools and tables for more than three hours, has affected his family’s business, so to discourage the process, the two sides had a fierce quarrel. But let the conflict to further upgrade, from the red woman was pushed to the ground after the start. Wen said, to see his wife in the pulling process not only hit was pushed to the ground, his temper is ignited, began a dangerous situation like beating mode, then there is a video that online heat transfer. See this, presumably we also found that the temperature and a small over the cause of the incident, a huge difference. So, in the end there is no occupation of ultra small snack stand desks and chairs selling toys? In the reporter’s repeated questioning, small super speak the truth. It seems that the cause of the incident is indeed because stall caused disputes, eventually evolved into a physical confrontation, but not like online rumors, because eat to sit for a while, the boss was beaten. So, friends who do not believe rumors on the network, to discredit our Henan scenic area. At present, for the specific circumstances of the incident, the local police have launched an investigation. Related reading: Henan Shenhou scenic tourists beat the truth: because vendors stall dispute tragedy! A Nanyang Danjiangkou tourists killed it accidentally fell into the water: Eleven scenic attractions tourists garbage everywhere dog Henan recommended: Video recommendation: Eleven wonderful events of China National Energy why 20 days off > > WeChat (watch) sweep concern red Henan hospital found more exciting [truth] Go alone WI?相关的主题文章:

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