A group of Ningbo people received management fees also hit the shot forensics reporter pigeon blood

A group of Ningbo people received management fees also hit the shot forensics reporter in September 23rd, the Ningbo Evening News "who in Yinzhou Jiang Shan forced to collect" management fees "vendors" survey reports published in the paper, the community reacted strongly, city leaders, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Yinzhou Public Security Bureau leaders have made instructions, request cracked the case as soon as possible. After half a month of careful investigation, the net action at 11 am in Ningbo, Yinzhou, Beilun, Jiangdong, at the same time, arrested 10 criminal suspects, successfully destroyed by Heilongjiang Ji suspect Wang led by the black evil gang, the 8 suspects on suspicion of affray crime criminal detention. 1 people were in administrative detention. Arrest! Three at the same time the evening of October 10th, Jiang Shan police station lights, more than 100 plainclothes police had gathered at 8 in the evening. According to the suspect, the task force made a detailed plan to arrest, the police arrest will be divided into 6 groups, and 1 groups of emergency logistics. At 11 o’clock in the evening, after confirming that almost all the suspects have returned to the end point, arresting police officers are divided into 6 ways, quietly into their respective latent points, hidden in the vicinity of the suspects foothold. More than 1 in the morning, with the rear of the order, the 6 group of police in Yinzhou, Jiangdong, Beilun also start arresting. At one point the arrest, the police rushed into the room, found no one inside the house, but the quilt on the bed is rolled out, touched, or warm bed. Originally, the suspect hid under the bed, dragged out by the police. In another arrest, a man that he tried to resist, but robust and strong, and instantly subdued by the police, press down on the bed, the quilt on the head. There is a catch, the suspect lives on the two floor, police dispatched after began to knock at the door. The suspect may smell the taste, is not open, but open the window and jumped to the two floor of the platform. He looked around, downstairs the police guarded, had returned to the room, ditch. A few minutes later, the police broke into the house, their uniforms. As early as before the arrest, the police have taken into account some of the suspects refused to open the door, and some security doors are also difficult to open, so there is still a master in the arrest team to unlock. 11 to 4 in the morning, arrests successfully completed, all the suspects were all arrested, arrested 10 criminal suspects. Before the gang arrested collect evidence of the arrests, the task force has been carried out for nearly half a month long investigation. On September 23rd, an unidentified man strong management fees, hit the shot forensics reporter, so arrogant behavior is exposed, the society has aroused strong repercussions. Soon, Yinzhou police set up a task force, expand the depth of investigation in the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment support. It is understood that, before this event the newspaper exposure, Jiang Shan police station at the AUX factory staff quarters, the registration of migrant workers, had heard someone say "someone to vendor management fees" that investigation and then mastered the suspect data. After the establishment of the task force, the police gathered together to collect evidence. In the inspectors during the renovation, the police of Mingguang Road area vendors registered one by one. According to the registration information, the police one by one to call dynamic employee vendors.相关的主题文章:

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