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Travel-and-Leisure The U.S. Virgin Islands of St. John is still relatively an unknown paradise in the Caribbean. Its lack of a large airport makes it a hidden paradise in the area. Most visitors to St. John reach the island by either small plane from St. Thomas or ferry. I prefer the 45 minute ferry ride from St. Thomas it is inexpensive and enjoyable to take the ride across the calm waters of the Caribbean. Passenger ferries operate between St. Thomas (Red Hook & Charlotte Amalie) and St. John (Cruz Bay) hourly. You must remember this is not the same as being on the open ocean, so the ride smooth. I suggest renting an open air Jeep when you arrive on St. John and driving the day around the island stopping along the way to explore the beaches. St. John has changed over the years by having more people, hotels and resorts on the island now than years ago. However, it’s still a very secluded and calm destination where you can travel for miles without coming across anyone. The first time I visited the island there were very few people and endless miles of beaches to enjoy. All beaches on St. John are open to the public. Some of its beaches are the best in the Caribbean such as Trunk Bay, Hawknest Bay, Solomon’s Beach. The water temperature averages 80 degrees year round, so enjoy the water. I was fortunate to spend hours at these beaches; they are clean, with warm water and gorgeous. The fish in these waters are plentiful, just walk into the water and be surrounded by them. Snorkeling is popular so bring your mask, fins and snorkel to experience the wonderful and colorful world of the coral reefs, sea grass beds that await you in St. John. Some of the favorites snorkeling area are Water Lemon Cay, Cinnamon Bay and Salt Pond Bay. For more ideas on places to stay visit ..greatvacationspots../ Since so many cruise ships now visit St. Thomas try to visit the beaches on St. John on the days that the cruises are not docked to avoid the additional people from the cruise lines and bring your camera. It is illegal to collect shells from beaches in the Virgin Islands; so shells are confiscated at airport customs if found. Some of the other activities for you to enjoy are hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and diving. The National Park Service located on St. John offers over 20 hiking trails. Horseback trail rides are on the east end of the island through forest trails and last 2 to 3 hours. I am overwhelmed by the ambiance, relaxing, and beautiful scenery of this island. You truly understand why people call places like St. John island paradise after spending a day here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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