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74 deaths caused by the five ask "big one hundred days" project – Sohu reviews 74 lives, the moment in Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant site. Involved the construction side Hebei billion smoke tower engineering Co. Ltd. has been ordered to all construction projects immediately shut down for rectification, the public security departments to control the 13 related personnel. However, these initiatives, but after China numerous major production safety accidents, it is one of the countless times. Too many questions need to be answered in future surveys. One asked, who led the big one hundred days? Fengcheng power plant, the time of the incident, it is the project "big one hundred days after the start of the sixty-first day. Who in the first place, led and proposed to accelerate the progress of the project? What is the motive? In this design, there is no any disregard of science and security. A view of achievements in driving? There is no quick view of interest in promoting? Two questions, why this radical project green light? This is obvious and the construction quality and construction safety. "The big one hundred days, what is the basis? Quality and safety indicators have not been fully demonstrated? Have any of these parties raised objections or objections? Why did not encounter any red light warning? Three asked, "why drawing lag" even at top speed? According to public reports, as early as in March 29th, Fengcheng million unit project site was found in the drawings serious lag in the case of self construction. The construction progress schedule drawing super rough estimation approach, not only should not be stopped, but was to come to inspect the SDIC electric power general manager Huang Zhaohu a line of praise, affirmation and promotion. The platform construction of cooling tower collapse, what is respect for science, "map" or "drawing lag" at top speed? Four, accident notorious Hebei billion is successful? Data show that the construction unit Hebei Yineng smoke tower engineering Co. Ltd, after the project won the "Luban prize". But there are also data show that the company in April 2009 to build a cooling tower construction in Guangzhou, 2 people were killed and 1 injured in the accident. May 2011 construction of the Shandong Chiping power plant project, in Yunnan in the county in the coal and electricity integration project in the construction of cooling tower in June 2012, due to the collapse of scaffolding, resulting in 7 deaths. In the three stage cooling tower in Fengcheng power plant project bidding process, Party A Party B qualification units for units — Hebei billion, the record has not done enough to know? Are there any restrictions on the safety of the accident before the accident has been targeted? A handsome Hebei billion "Luban prize", how much cover management loopholes 100 ugly? The five question, where the production safety supervision? Since the compression duration, assault production is a cause, then, throughout the whole process of supervision and supervision should bear any responsibility? What is the responsibility of the supervisor and did not keep up, or under high pressure big one hundred days right to be weakened? Supervision side, the entire safety supervision of law enforcement departments in place? Ever found a problem? After the discovery of the problem over the implementation of the "just and stern suspension order yet?相关的主题文章:

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