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SEO If you have a web site you need to know what SEO is and what’s more you need to know how search engine optimization can contribute to your bottom line in both positive and negative ways. With that in mind there are any number of SEO Tips that can separate your from your .petition and help you realize more profits from your web site. Read on to find out about a few things that can put you over the top. Keywords, as you are likely aware, are extremely important. With the level of importance keywords provide it only seems obvious that they are displayed appropriately on a web site. Unfortunately too many times they are treated and appear as any other word. Take the time to emphasize these important words by displaying them in bold text. If the keyword is displayed heavily, there is no need to bold each and every one, but certainly it is a good idea to feature many instances boldly. Deep links are another important aspect of SEO. If all the links back to your site point to the home page, search engines will interpret this as a site with shallow content. On the other hand, links that point to pages deeper down the hierarchy are graded as more detailed content and thus are ranked higher. Imagine links are really pretty, however text links are of more value from the SEO perspective. If you insist on using images it is wise to include text links as well, and since the search engine bots lock on to the first link they find, make sure you text link .es before your image link, and while we’re on the subject, consider making your title a link as well. Maintaining a site map is also a very good idea, and not just for the humans you hope to help steer from page to page. The search engine bots use these too, so make sure you have a site map for both large and small web sites. Keeping your links alive for as long as possible is another valuable SEO strategy. One way to do this is by creating newsletters and publishing them with ezines that archive their content. Some sites keep their content for years, which means your links will be active there for that long. Do your research here as this is a great way you can improve your site ranking with minimal effort. Having more than one domain is also a very good idea in many cases. Assuming your site covers enough separate ideas to warrant more than one domain, definitely consider the investment. Consider if directories consider only one page per domain, have a second domain could prove to be well worth the effort. While there are so many more tips that can help you improve your page rank, these are some valuable tips will help provide you with a good place to start and get you well on your way to more hits, a higher ranking. Of course these two things are what SEO is all about, because as these numbers improve so too do your profits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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