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Men’s-Issues Gymnastics is an artistic sport. It has elements of sports like strength & capability with flexibility & performance factors of arts. It .mands discipline, strong will and determination; as these are the traits required when you plan to pursue this career or art form. Because of the high values this sports offer, it is valued and revered across the globe. There are many types of gymnastics being learned and performed in many countries. The activities are as: Womens Artistic Gymnastics, mens gymnastics, acrobatic rhythmic, trampoline, tumbling and other group. Gymnastics for women is the most .mon type. Artistic Gymnastic is a very fun yet .petitive sport that is popular around the world, with basic routines practiced at homes by houses wives, Grandmas and daughters. Women routine is bit more difficult than mens art form, as apart from strength and capabilities, the beauty of the performance has to be maintained. The visuals and action are both required and expected by female gymnast. Womens artistic mainly consists of four events: The uneven bar, balance beam, floor exercise and Vaulting Table. These events are time bound routine; except the vault, every .petitive gymnast only gets single chance to perform each routine. For vault routine, two chances are there for the artist; out of the scores of both attempts, the jury awards the highest one. A part of womens gymnastics also includes children of all ages and ability. These are specific categories in Gymnastics designed on the basis of childs skill level, not the age. Recreational gymnastics session like Mom and me, pre-school, kindergarten, beginners classes, advanced classes, etc. .pulsory forms which is a basic level consists of six levels. There is also an optional gymnastics that has seven to ten levels. The diverse factors of Gymnastics are actually its unique factor. The factor is that it takes various kinds of abilities to be single good gymnast. Strength, Flexibility, coordination, balance, speed, power, agility, endurance, and control is the abilities, that the person has to make itself equipped with. Not only it require great amount of physical activity, but also takes just strong mental & will power. Artistic performance is different from any other sports. It is not only about team sport but is also an individual sport. Artistic Gymnastics for men & artistic Gymnastics for women differ from each other only in the form of acts or how the performance is pulled together. For men, it is about endurance and for women it is about grace and all other factors are same. There is also a provision for couple as they have men and women, performing together. It is a delight when .mitted gymnasts over.e the regular gymnasts and add performing art to their ability to create a spectacular performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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