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2 cute tie hair tutorial fashion guide: sweet more lively and lovely girls always to be heterosexual and homosexual welcome, for the girl’s cute hairstyle is varied, but today is for MM who brought two fashionable sweet tie hair tutorial, a look. Source: Amy 2 cute tie hair tutorial which is more sweet and playful today to introduce two cute hair tie, the first half of the rolling princess head, hair tied into a knot, very sweet and the second is a suction eye; the bangs back down, tied into a head below. On the top of the head, very fresh and lovely. Style1 style1 and shoulder long hair half tied up, leaving the bangs and ears of a few strands of hair to modify the MM face, and the top of the hair tied into a bow knot, very sweet innovation, walking on the road, turning back 200%. Step1: step step1 tie hair above the ears hair on his head slightly tilted a little place in half tied into a ball, and the ball will be parted by hand. Step2 Step2: after the dumpling parted, her stay in front of the tail from the middle ball around to the back, and with the hairpin fixed. Step3 Step3: as shown in the picture, draw the hair from the top and bottom of the hand to make the bow knot shape. Style2 style2 bangs back, highlights the MM delicate and beautiful three-dimensional features, and the shoulder wave head of the buckle can modify the MM face, the hair curl up more show mm fresh and playful. Step 1 steps: first, step1 will tie hair bangs back, and with a rubber band on the top of the head, bangs half tied into a ball. Step 2 Step2: the ball slightly tilted to lie back, and fixed with the hairpin. Step 3 Step3: the last in the hands of styling products like a wax, gently knead hair hair surface, making it slightly tilted.

2款可爱扎发教程 时髦甜美更胜一筹   导读:活泼可爱的女生总能够受到异性和同性的欢迎,适合小女生的可爱发型多种多样,而今天小编就为mm们带来两款时髦甜美的可爱扎发教程,一起来看看吧。来源:爱美网 2款可爱扎发教程 甜美俏皮更胜一筹   这就是今天要介绍的两款可爱扎发啦,第一款半扎公主头,将头发绑成一个蝴蝶结,非常的甜美吸睛;而第二款是将刘海向后收起,在头顶上绑成一个高扎团子头,非常的清新可爱。 style1   style1   及肩的长发半扎起来,剩下刘海和耳前的几缕发丝来修饰mm脸型,而头顶上有那个头发扎成一个蝴蝶结,非常的甜美创新,走在路上回头率200%。 step1   扎发步骤   step1:将耳朵以上的头发在头顶上稍微斜一点的地方对折扎成一个小丸子,并用手将小丸子左右分开。 step2   step2:将团子分开两边之后,将辫子留在前面的发尾从团子的中间绕到后面,并用发夹固定好。 step3   step3:如图,用手上下拉开左右的头发,让蝴蝶结成型。 style2   style2   将刘海向后翻,突出了mm清秀立体的五官,而及肩波波头的内扣能够修饰mm脸型,而外翘的发尾更显mm清新俏皮。 step 1   扎发步骤   step1:首先将刘海向后拨,并用橡皮筋在头顶上将刘海对折扎成一个小丸子。 step 2   step2:将小丸子微微倾斜向后躺,并用发夹固定。 step 3   step3:最后在手上沾一点发蜡之类的定型产品,轻捏表面发丝的发尾,使其微微外翘。相关的主题文章:

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