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Pretty good woman once bad what would be the consequences? Sohu blue said: the new year these days, and friends talk about the topic of bad women. There was a girl in a friend’s village who earned a lot of money in the past two years. I asked my friend, "what profession is she doing?" The friend shook his head and replied, "special industry.". This girl has a boyfriend for five or six years. The twelfth lunar month twenty-four, heard the girl to come back, the wind stood for more than three hours, blocking her in the village. But to see the girl, from a Porsche in the drilling out of a 16 year old man was exposed, and in love, the heart becomes more chilly than the cold wind. Third grade is the day for girls to go out. The boy carried a big bag and stayed at the entrance of the village. In the future, the girl is sitting on the vice driver of BMW car, passing through the dust. In the evening, the boy sends a message to the girl, and asks, "how do you send the person and the person who pick you up, not the same?" How many men are you out there?" The girl WeChat once said: "you can’t give me what I want."! Since it’s the two world, it’s better not to meet again." After the WeChat, the girl sent a big red envelope to the boy, the amount of money, content:! The sky is always blue, the years have seen the case, a variety of wonderful works, there are many. But this story, but I can not calm down for a long time. I think of the old man on the face of the wretched, as if to see the girl’s face empty and proud, as well as the boy’s face of grief and helplessness…… The wind rustling and BMW. I don’t know why, but I think more and more of the bad women in the world. In order to satisfy their own vanity, emotions and self-interest, betrayed hue, brains, and do everything possible to cheat to whine, destroy the social, business, family and others emotional order. Some of these bad women are innate, but most of them are acquired. Cultivate their materialistic world, and a few immoral rich and cruel bad man. We often say, "when women are bad, they have money."". Although this sentence is only relative to "men’s money goes bad", but in today’s society, but it is a common phenomenon. It effectively explains the relationship between bad women and money. It reveals the important reasons for women’s deterioration, and the basic requirements for women to make money most easily. In the money and the yen value oriented society, a little pretty woman, if going bad is particularly easy. They even from a certain extent, does not need to be too good and too high taste of beauty, as long as a woman. Of course, it’s obviously not easy to make a bad woman so extraordinary, brilliant and competent. It’s not enough to rely on a bad seed in your heart and a blind effort. It is actually need a woman has certain capital and potential, only have the capital and potential, they can in the middle of morality and law is worth a stroll, to the man with the head and arms. A bad woman without capital, like a small fish in the gutter, no matter how to toss, is unable to produce much flowers. Therefore, the nature of society and others, can not constitute a big harm 4

姿色好的女人一旦变坏会有啥后果?-搜狐      蔚蓝说:过年这几天,和朋友聊到女人变坏的话题。朋友村里有一个女孩子,这两年赚了很多的钱。我问朋友,她做的是什么行业?朋友摇摇头回答:特殊行业。   这个女孩子,有一个谈了五六年的男朋友。腊月二十四,听说女孩要回来,寒风中站了三个多小时,在村口堵她。但见到女孩,从一宝时捷中钻出来,一身暴露,正和一六旬老头打情骂俏,心瞬间变得比寒风还要凉飕飕。   初三,是女孩出门的日子。男孩提着大包小包,守在村口。未来得及告别,女孩坐在宝马车的副驾上,绝尘而过。   晚上,男孩给女孩发信息,问:“怎么送你和接你的人,不是同一个?你到底在外面还有几个男人?”女孩微信回过一句话:“你给不了我要的!既然是两个世界的人,以后还是不要再见面的好。”微信过后,女孩给男孩发来一个大大的红包,金额元,内容:!   天空永远蔚蓝这些年见过的案例,各种奇葩,也有很多。但这个故事,却让我久久不能平静。我想到了老男人脸上的猥琐,仿佛看到了女孩脸上的空洞与得意,还有那男孩脸上的伤心和无奈……以及宝马绝尘而去的簌簌寒风。      不知道为什么,我越来越觉的这世界上的坏女人真的是不少。她们为了满足自己的虚荣心、情感和一己私利,而出卖色相、绞尽脑汁,并尽一切哄嗲骗之能事,去破坏社会、商业、别人家庭及情感的秩序。这些坏女人有些是与生俱来的,但大部分都是后天培养的。培养她们的是物欲横流的花花世界,和少数道德败坏为富不仁的坏男人。   我们常说“女人变坏就有钱”。虽然这句话只是相对“男人有钱就变坏”来说的,但于当今社会,却是比较普遍的现象。它有力地解释了,坏女人与钱的关系。它道出了,女人变坏的重要诱因,和女人最容易“赚钱”的基本要求。   在这个金钱和颜值至上的社会里,一个稍微有点姿色的女人,若是要变坏是特别容易的。甚至她们从一定程度上来说,并不需要太好的姿色和太高的滋味,只要有点女人味。   当然,要想把一个坏女人做得特别显著出色和有水平,那显然不是件容易的事。光靠心里的一颗坏种子,和盲目的努力是远远不够的。它其实是需要女人有一定的资本和潜质的,只有资本和潜质具备了,她们才能在道德和法律的中间胜似闲庭信步,才能运筹于帷幄,决胜于男人的怀中。   一个没有资本的坏女人,就象阴沟里的小鱼,无论怎么折腾,都是腾不出多大花花来的。因此,自然也就对社会和别人,构不成太大的危害。   但如果一个坏女人,一旦有了让大多数男人丢魂的姿色,甚至玩弄男人于股掌之间的小聪明,那将对社会及所有她看不顺眼的人,都是一个特别大的祸害。      恕天空永远蔚蓝直言,坏女人得势从来不可小视,应该引起十二分的重视。姿色和小聪明就像是她们的双翼,只要她们心里想要的,双翼都会让她们有更多的优势,排除困难,并让她们达成目标。   当然,除了所谓的姿色和小聪明,还有一种资本,也是一个坏女人往往都具备的,那就是打扮、勾引和床第之术。   坏女人也同样是有层次的。看一个坏女人的层次如何,不仅要看资本,而且还要看她身上的潜质。潜质好的坏女人,总有更多的悟性,比别的女人更快更准地捕捉到男人的变化。   所以,坏女人的姿色,和坏男人的才能是一样的。他们姿色越好,越有才华,就会对社会和他人,越有侵略与破坏性。   天空永远蔚蓝粗略地总结了下,上文中的那个女孩,给社会和他人带来的负面,至少有如下这几点:其一,伤害了前男友,以及他因伤害后,可能给社会带来的报复或阴暗影响,更是不好估量;其二,破坏了某些男人的家庭,以及因此,可能给社会带来的报复或阴暗影响,更是不好估量;其三,颠覆了村里某些人的淳朴观念。以及因此,可能给社会带来的报复或阴暗影响,更是不好估量;其四,破坏了社会风气。   ————关注微信————   天空永远蔚蓝:知名情感专家,专栏作家,代表作《爱的细节》、《为何越爱心越伤》。   擅长以男性的理性和细腻分析,极力倡导“情感乐活”的生活态度,和“沟通+信仰”的婚恋观。   公众号搜索:mydarlingliling 或天空永远蔚蓝个人微信号:xiaotiantian060624相关的主题文章:

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