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To shoot! 9 three points 51 points! This statue of lonely God let Yi into Fred Te today feel too hot sina sports 111 than 88, in the home court the Shanghai team eventually beat the Guangdong team, the five game winning streak. The whole game, Fred Te scored 9 points in the game, the audience scored 51 points, with the addition of 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Tonight in Guangdong before the team become fredette, no solution of the problem of a road, when he was in the army as a place where there is no one in the former eight time winner, Leng let Yi Jianlian become his background plate. At this moment, Yao Ming must be able to sigh with emotion: this time, we did not choose the wrong person! Before the game, Guangdong have said that Shanghai wants to end the streak. But Fred Te didn’t agree. Just started, the white guy with 3 points off the wave of attack on the ball, single out of the 11 points in the three. In the second quarter, he scored another 2 points in the first half, and scored a total of 25 points in the first half of the season. He scored a total of $three. The most wonderful ball in the middle of the second quarter, Fred Te was in the bottom line of the ball, in the face of Yi Jianlian leaping high, Fred Te did not hesitate to take the defensive against the dry, Leng hit almost at the negative angle under the premise. This ball is firm enough self-confidence, after all, is to meet the Arab League voted to the height and deterrence of the United Arab Emirates, but also that is not a very calm position, want to cast into the heart is not easy, broadcast guests commented. The game, Fred Te scored 9 points in the ball, cast the Guangdong team helpless. Not throw, Fred Te can pass. Less than 7 minutes left in the second quarter, Fred Te picked the rebounds to fight back, the first time the ball to foreign aid A Busse Eli, although the latter at the foot of a mistake, Fred Te can be pretty long, directly torn Guangdong’s defense. After an attack, this time modeled on fredette, Liu Xiaoyu did not waste the opportunity to easily hit the basket. The game, Fred Te sent 6 assists, the highest court. For fans who are familiar with NBA and NCAA, the name is not unfamiliar. University, Fred Te unparalleled scenery, the effectiveness of the Brigham Young University-Provo, he constantly refresh the history of the team record, the year he was able to play 28.8 points per game, was one of the best players in the NCAA. In that year, he was elected to the U.S. men’s basketball team sparring, was also elected to the authority of the The Associated Press before the season, the first team all american. In the end, he was selected in the first round of the tenth straight. At NBA, Fred Te was occasionally erupt, but relatively thin body and single style tactics, so he failed to continue to erupt in the NBA last season, even only in the development of the union fought. However, in CBA, Fred Te regain confidence, his ability to maximize the development and mining. Until now, Fred averaged 38 points, scoring a big kill, even Mike Room and Hodson are far behind. In addition, he also put into every 4.6 three pointers, the hit rate of nearly 50%. It is Fred Te’s brave play, the Shanghai team to gain such a fantastic start. For Fred Te, CBA may be the place where he set sail again. Since taking over the Shanghai team in 2009, Yao Ming相关的主题文章:

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