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Schwab: the influence and Countermeasure of the fourth industrial revolution [Abstract] inequality is not only the key economic problem, but also the most serious social problem related to the fourth industrial revolution. The biggest beneficiaries of innovation are often the supply side of intellectual and physical capital, which leads to a widening wealth gap between capital dependent and labor dependent. The author: Claus · Schwab (founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum) abstract view technology to an irresistible trend in our life, some people would weaken the core competence, such as sympathy and cooperation? Our relationship with smartphones is a good example of the fact that real time networking may rob us of some of the most important traits – rest, reflection, and meaningful conversation. The second industrial revolution, mankind entered the era of electricity. We are about to usher in a new technological revolution that will revolutionize the way we live, work and socialize. Regardless of its size, scope of influence or complexity, this transformation will be different from any previous revolution in human experience. We do not know how this revolution will unfold, but there is no doubt from the public sector to the private sector, to academia and civil society, the interests of global stakeholders must be coordinated, take a comprehensive strategy to jointly deal with the full range of the revolution. The first industrial revolution using steam as the driving force to achieve the production mechanization. The second industrial revolution through electricity to achieve large-scale production. The third industrial revolution, the use of electronic and information technology, to achieve the automation of production. The third industrial revolution is a beginning in the middle of the twentieth Century digital revolution. On this basis, we are ushering in the fourth industrial revolution, the main feature of this revolution is the integration of various technologies, and will increasingly eliminate the boundaries between the physical world, the digital world and the living world. The third industrial revolution (digital revolution) the more traditional industrial mechanization and automation, thus reducing the cost of work, the operation mode of the whole society change, also created is known as the high-tech industry industrial computer system. This transformation is not only a continuation of the third industrial revolution, is also a symbol of a fourth industrial revolution, the characteristics of the arrival of this is that the influence of the speed and range of the system according to the conclusion. The development of the current breakthrough technology is unprecedented. Compared with the previous industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution is exponential and nonlinear speed. In addition, the fourth industrial revolution is subverting almost all industries in all countries. These changes will have a very broad and far-reaching impact, completely change the entire production, management and governance system. A variety of mobile devices with processing and storage capabilities of hitherto unknown, can easily obtain the relevant knowledge, and connects billions of people, thus releasing the infinite potential, the latest breakthrough in artificial intelligence, robotics, networking, unmanned vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage and quantum calculation of the field of science and technology create infinite possibilities. The fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence has been everywhere, from unmanned driving.相关的主题文章:

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