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Guangzhou one-child parents 150 yuan per person per month for the original title: the one-child parents 150 yuan per person per month for Dayang in September 20th, the Guangzhou government network announced the Guangzhou Municipal Planning Commission on soliciting public opinions of Guangzhou "one-child parents family planning incentives" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), to comply with the conditions of the award of Guangzhou Hukou the one-child parents incentive payment unified, since January 1, 2017, 150 yuan per person per month for the parents of the only child family planning reward. Your parents are eligible to receive conditions, with the small Xiaobian look at this "method" in detail. Who can be rewarded? Before the December 31, 2015 birth (including adoption according to law, the same below) of children, men over 60 years of age, women over 55 years of age (hereinafter referred to as the "age"), with permanent residents of the city are one of the following conditions may apply for a bonus: 1. The life only gave birth to a child (the children without siblings or half brothers and sisters) 2 couples. Life is not only the birth of a child in accordance with the marriage of a husband and wife. If you are divorced or widowed to family, one of the following circumstances, can also apply for bonus: 1. In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the marital status has not changed after the re birth of the child; 2. There is no child before marriage, one child after marriage and no relationship with the formation of the second child upbringing; 3. A child who has no children for life and a relationship with a child after marriage; 4. Before marriage, only one child born after marriage is not married; 5. Both were born after January 1, 1933, in line with the policy of having two or more children, the only surviving children and other children are born before the death of the couple. Those who meet the conditions for special assistance for family planning shall be included in the scope of special assistance for family planning, and shall not apply to the measures. Reward standards meet the conditions of the husband and wife, according to the standard of 150 yuan per person per month payment of bonuses. Reward objects in the application of minimum living security, low-income families identified, medical assistance and other social assistance, the bonus is not included in their family income. Guangzhou city social security agencies pension, pension payments with the channel on behalf of. Do not belong to the Guangzhou city social security agencies and pension incentives to their pension payment channels, incentive payments by the domicile of the area determined by public financial institutions on behalf of. How to apply? Reward object mobility inconvenience, you can make an appointment to the first instance. The object may be submitted to the first instance within 2 months of age, and may also be declared on the website of the Guangzhou municipal health and family planning commission. If the application is made in advance, the applicant shall submit the materials to the preliminary examination unit within 7 working days after the preliminary declaration, and handle the formalities for acceptance; if the application is not handled within the prescribed time limit, the preliminary examination unit may terminate the application. If the pre declaration is terminated, the reward object shall be re declared. The first unit is the residence of the census register相关的主题文章:

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