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"Heavy attack Quzhou banned non-standard oil sales in October 8th 281 points, the reporter learned from relevant departments, since June this year, Quzhou oil sales of non-standard centralized rectification, as of the end of September, a total ban 281 non-standard oil sales, 18 mobile vehicles and 15 suspected undocumented wholesale enterprises. At present, there are about 100 thousand tons of non-standard oil market, the total amount is quite large." The Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, the "heavy attack, many departments of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, market supervision bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, environmental protection bureau and other joint law enforcement, in various non-standard oil sales outlets, the storage of about 300 tanks take cutting, filling or removed from the solid square to reasonable disposal, and the relevant responsible persons shall be punished. "Heavy attack, immediate effect. This year, the relevant departments of the city’s 114 batches of refined oil sampling, only 8 batches failed, the pass rate reached 93%." The person in charge, which is higher than the passing rate of 73% in 2015, the pass rate of more than a lot of 82% in 2013, we can see the quality of the city has continued to improve the quality of the oil. "Non standard oil refining by indigenous or from illegal means, the quality is difficult to control." Deputy general manager of Sinopec Quzhou company Lin Jianguo introduction, non-standard oil even if the initial indicators of the quality can meet the national standards, but because of the lack of operating mechanism of transportation, storage, scientific and reasonable, after a period of time, oil will quickly oxidation, and the color black. In addition, non-standard oil sulfur content exceeded, not only will damage the vehicle life, but also cause serious air pollution. While Sinopec and other large state-owned enterprises in the sales of products not only regular, reliable quality, but also the production enterprise, the factory inspection depot each batch into (out of) library inspection, gas station inspection and regular inspection supervision departments such as multi-channel sales to meet the world. Next, the city will continue to focus on the relevant departments of non-standard oil inspection, rectification.相关的主题文章:

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