Thriller! Some people come home late at night in Jiaxing found a man lying on the door coreldraw快捷键大全

Thriller! Jiaxing people have found the door home at night lying on September 18th 22 PM, Xiao Li and Xiao Zhang back at Jia Xingdong Creek Village rental housing, is preparing for the door, but found the more than and 20 year old young man dressed in a light colored short sleeved shirt, black pants are sleeping in front of his house. It really scared the two jump, a man lying in the doorway! So pick up the phone to the police for help. Zhong Dai police station after the alarm, rushed to the scene. Not far to near, the police smelled alcohol, to try to talk with the man, but his slurred speech, a word, the police slowly restore the night: the man before dinner with colleagues, happy drunk, broken pieces! Although vaguely remember someone sent him home, but the house in the evening look alike, that he fell head home bed, you actually don’t remember! "Now the head is still dizzy, the whole body is shaking, can’t get up." Originally wanted to help him up the boy home, or a face of drunkenness, ye are ye not. Thus, the police quickly contacted the guy’s brother, in the joint efforts of the people, the man was brought back home. (the above characters pseudonym) watching the small home safely, but police face, kids running around to help home, adults do not drink or to send Milo obedient chaos one day, the police work is very busy, it may not be in the minority! Police remind the public in 1, before the party, the best can reach a consensus with the relatives and friends, not excessive drinking, not forced quanjiu. 2, people in the drinking process, to have their own control, be aware of, don’t drink too much. 3, members of the public found the table staff have drunk phenomenon, should immediately stop Quanjiu, and in San Xi, arrange to send it home. If necessary, to the hospital for the treatment of drunk people, must not allow themselves to leave.相关的主题文章:

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