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Doug · Riemann’s "emperor" brand to take out "dark Justice League" [Abstract] twentieth Century Fuchs produced superhero movie "King" brand recently lost the director, Doug · Riemann’s exit film, joining DC, and to determine the "dark" directed by the justice league. Doug · Riemann’s time according to the network reported on August 25th postponed for a long time super hero movie "emperor" brand recently lost the original film director, directed by Doug · Riemann out of the project, to DC and identified as the "dark Justice League" director. In twentieth Century the emperor "brand belongs to Fuchs" was originally planned to start in the fall of 2015, was postponed to early 2016, now filming plans have been lined up in January 2017. Last month, the film producer Simon · Berg has revealed that the gold makers are looking for suitable for the tone of the film, and that they will soon enter the script after the next step. Although the emperor lost the director, but the brand emperor will still be planned to shoot in early 2017. Channing · Tatum is still in a corner of gambit who, "Robocop" screenwriter Joshua · Zetumo is crashing script. In addition, Legna · technology is expected to star in childhood sweetheart Belladonna brand emperor Boudreaux, referred to as Bella (Bella). And Anna · Paquin played the little naughty is also expected to appear in the film. On the other side, the "DC" came out in the dark Justice League will start shooting the news in early 2013. The original director was Gilmore · Del · Scott · Toro, Rudin ("Budapest Hotel" "mechanical" Ji) will serve as the film producer, Michael Gilio responsible for the early script. But then the "top director" to shoot "2" and the choice of the Pacific Rim DC this project, he said in an interview with the The Daily Beast website: "Warner love script, they have great enthusiasm and intend to open the green light for the film, but they plan shooting time and" Pacific 2 "produced the conflict, I was faced with a dilemma, and finally I chose to shoot" RIMPAC 2 ". The "dark Justice League may also be because of Toro exit," dark "lead to the Justice League has not started. Even Doug · Riemann confirmed to join the project will not start too early, after all, DC’s superhero movie universe have been lined up in 2020, and the film shooting time has not been determined. In addition Doug · Freeman is a busy man, he is currently produced by Tom · Cruise starred in "made in America", will be the next shot based on adolescent novel science fiction film "chaos" and "walk, edge of tomorrow 2" waiting for him to return to the guide also. The dark Justice League is a unique organization in the DC comics, and members of the group are involved in the ability to function!相关的主题文章:

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