Ninety-nine percent of people running to lose weight when the white run! sql2005安装图解

Ninety-nine percent of people running to lose weight when the white run! Aerobic exercise is one of the best exercise to lose weight, running is aerobic exercise as the first choice, but in order to achieve the purpose of reducing fat, now many people have joined the ranks of running to lose weight, but why not run thin? Is not the wrong way, or into some pitfalls? Here I we describe the running right way to lose weight. Jogging is a popular choice for weight loss, but no one can run to lose weight, this is because of the wrong way, the following collection of the most common mistakes made by the law, quickly corrected, so as not to waste effort. 1 run to the gym! Because many people qiuhaoxinqie, a gym to immediately step on the treadmill, but the heat consumption of the human body is a sequence, first carbohydrate again is fat; that is to say, start running and not the consumption of fat, carbohydrate, but first, it is recommended for weight training before running, such as carbohydrate consumption almost, again better start running. 2 run for 20 minutes! The first point can be seen from the above, to wait until the fat consumption will start almost carbohydrate to consume fat, to spend about about 20 minutes, so. Compared to the short run several times, not as good as the number of times a long run to lose weight, good results! 3 run while drinking sports drinks! The commercially available 350ml sports drink a pot of heat about 120 calories, some even as high as 200 calories, while jogging on the treadmill (8-9 per hour) an hour to consume 500 calories. That is, if you drink a sports drink, equal to half an hour to run white. 4 run to the rapid onset of asthma! Run on the treadmill running, sweating, panting, but if the time is not long, is still not the consumption of fat, and fast running, the oxygen supply, the body is only anaerobic energy supply, then the fat is not involved, only a low intensity aerobic exercise, consumption of fat is the most awesome. 5 run in the morning will be wrong! Running in the morning is good aerobic exercise to lose weight, because after a night of sleep, the body has been carbohydrate consumption, while jogging, in favor of cellulite. But do not fasting to remind the small run, do not eat in the morning after the run, so that the weight loss.相关的主题文章:

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