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"Billy Lynn" is expected by virtue of strong reputation after force Sina entertainment Ang Lee Billy Lynn’s new "war" is now in theatres in midfield. The release of the film’s first weekend box office total reached 80 million 440 thousand yuan, ranking the same schedule of movie box office in the first place. At the same time, users have praised Ang Lee’s "compassion" and "superb", a recognized boy feelings let people "heartache", many viewers have seen "could not stop the tears". The film contains rich connotation is also the audience hot on social networks, users spontaneously interpret the film American soldiers, social and religious elements in the "history of the hottest November set off a discussion upsurge, also let more fans have come to the theater" N brush "for more details. The film score "the highest annual" with a strong reputation after the box office is expected to force in the compny "singles day schedule", "Billy Lynn’s war" in midfield while the first day of release short freeze, but with a good reputation at the box office, rapid warming, continued to increase to 79 million yuan at the box office, the film beat with the other the new movie release schedule became the first weekend first. The film score in the demanding professional film critic website Douban, also topped a week reputation list to score 8.5 points, at the same time so far has become the year 2016 the highest score of the movie theaters watercress. For the film’s box office performance, insiders predict, with a strong reputation and excellent quality, "Billy Lynn, the midfielder is expected to post war" force, occupy a space for one person in the "crowded" of November schedule. The official pointed out that in 2012 the "life of Pi" was released early has been suppressed, relying on the audience’s reputation, has become the year’s counter attack, a dark horse at the box office. Analysis of the industry, "Billy Lynn, the situation faced with the midfield war" the young pie "is similar, but with a good reputation to bring long-term force, the movie box office is expected in late A new force suddenly rises. Chinese people understand more delicate emotional fans N brush Ang Lee looking for a rich details of Ang Lee has been good at grasping the subtle emotional environment and character, in the new "Billy Lynn’s war" in midfield, Ang Lee on a common soldier feelings show, once again let the domestic audience to tears "". "In the cinema several tears, although there is no provocative plot, everything comes naturally. There is no excessive distortion of technology, Ang Lee does not need to use technology to prove their own gimmicks." "This kind of good film can produce a year? The audience to tears several times." "The seemingly slow story, let the tears flow down again and again, leading to the heart!" In addition to emotional resonance, the film is also more details of the audience hot. For Billy Lynn in the film "hero’s journey", the audience with Romain Roland’s famous evaluation way: "there is only one kind of true heroism, that is in the understanding of the truth of life and still love life." The Hindu God, who appeared in the film, was also discovered by the attentive fans, and read: "Ang Lee is a director who prefers Hinduism to Buddhism, as God is a continuation of the" youth "." On film"相关的主题文章:

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