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"New play golden nine silver ten" Home Furnishing marketing?? in recent years, because of the need to customize its features, personalized design has become a new growth point Home Furnishing consumer market, and with the changes in consumer demand presents the new development trend. Home Furnishing showed full house custom brand building materials enterprises, integration of various resources, to provide one-stop customized services. And more and more attention to the consumer shopping experience, the main experience consumption. ?? At the beginning of September, BOLONI full house custom store opening experience in the Shili River house, 600 square meters of the experience of the display of new products and classic products 2017 year BOLONI, offers the most fashionable and most professional customized services for the whole house southeast regional capital consumers. In the mid to late 9, with the "capital of the first Optima shop called Optima" full house custom MALL "- opened in the city, a total area of 2000 square meters, integrated cabinets, wardrobe and bathroom, furniture, bedding, wooden doors, wallpaper Optima Home Furnishing seven categories of products, to provide one-stop integrated customized services consumers. Since September, in the year of 2006, in the year of October and the year of 2006, the marketing activities of the home improvement industry are entering into the market in the year of September, and the marketing activities of the enterprises have been carried out. In addition to the usual package promotion, home improvement companies are busy pushing new products, expand channels. ?? From the investigation of the Beijing morning news recently on the home market do understand that fitting the needs of over 60% primary consumers to pay attention to the environmental protection and environmental protection depends on the decoration of the main decoration materials, in order to ensure the high environmental protection decoration, many consumers will look into imported materials. Some Jiezhuang companies to capture changes in consumer demand, began to import materials into decoration packages. For example, actually decoration recently launched a "western territory imported home" will be the Swiss Lu Sen floor, Germany Feimei egger flooring, sanitary ware, Italy Kohler ESEDRA aircelle and MARIANI Mary Anne Rui bathroom bathroom faucet, Italy Douglas ceramic tile and the French cabinet secretary meters and other brands loaded into package decoration; decorated recently launched 1288 yuan square m ideal loaded Plus package also includes Spain Di Dan paint TITAN and dodge Parke floor, Germany egger flooring, the only treasure and Grohe bathroom, Swiss Lu Sen floor, and the Danish flugger coatings etc. the original factory direct mining materials in europe. In addition, BOLONI decoration, decoration and other decoration companies, there are a lot of imported materials for consumer choice. ?? In addition, traditional Jiezhuang companies will also own the advantage to do the fine, for example, Yezhifeng carefully developed "personalized ready" this new model of home improvement. In September, 22 cities in the country has accepted the so-called "personalized ready", has seen several major features of comprehensive income, namely individual overall design, original authentic, buyers’mode, blue diamond, 5 engineering projects such as zero. Decoration marketing strategy. "Qiao loaded home" community shop in Beijing old housing concentrated community, not only to undertake the whole home business, small projects are willing to pick up a single, launched Huimin free maintenance service to attract community residents, it is understood that the mode of in-depth layout decoration will continue to radiate 3 surrounding community activities on the network 1 a solid community service station. The store continues to send.相关的主题文章:

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