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China lost to Syria   qualifying situation in jeopardy; fans braved the rain to match – Anhui channel: original title: "blessed" cracked the Orangemen lost to Syria gold line situation in jeopardy in October 6th, China team player Zhang Linpeng (front) and the Syria team players in the game for Zegna. The same day, in the Shaanxi stadium in 2018, the World Cup qualifier in Russia in the 12 Asian Games in the tournament, the Chinese team to the home to be lost to the Syria team of 0 to 1. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Xu Xinhua news agency in Xi’an on 6 October, (reporter Chen Chen Zheng Daojin Zheng Xin) after a lapse of nearly 7 months after the return to the "paradise" of Xi’an, but lost a must win game. The evening of 6 for the 2018 World Cup qualifying finals (12 match) a game in the third round, Chinese national football team based in Xi’an, the home court loss to the Syria team to 0:1, three and only 1 points, qualifying the situation in jeopardy. In March 29th this year, it is in Xi’an to 2:0 victory over Qatar, the Chinese team was able to catch the last 12 race. In this game, Shaanxi stadium can accommodate 50 thousand people All seats are occupied., fans from across the nation to create a very warm atmosphere of the home court, cheer for the national team. Chinese coach Gao Hongbo of the field with 442 formation instead had two to 532, the three points and the very strong desire. Compared with the last round of the game against Iran, the biggest change is to use Gao Lin for the next Lei Lei, partner of the composition of the double striker, Zhang Xizhe is the first appearance of the game in the first place in the United States, the next generation of players in the game, the first team to play. Shortly after opening, Chinese teams that get a corner. Since then, the two sides midfielder for Chinese team is becoming fierce, mainly rely on the Zhao Mingjian manufacturing opportunity in the right breakthrough. Fourteenth minutes, the bottom of the Zhang Yuning biography, Syria defender a leak, plug in the face of the goalkeeper, but directly to the ball, but the ball hit the ball, missed the best opportunity to break the floor of the. The second half of the first half, the national football offensive mentality is not very clear, mainly rely on Hao Junmin and Zhang Xizhe in midfield, trying to open up the situation from the left, but with little success. 36 minutes, Zhang Xizhe left foot kick directly towards the goal, Syria goalkeeper Alma asked the beam. The first half goalless. The beginning of the second half, Gao Hongbo replaced by Jiang Zhipeng Huang Bowen, to strengthen offensive. Fifty-fourth minutes, the Syria team back kick passes upset Chinese team defense and goalkeeper Gu Chao attack errors, the other player is horse gas attack succeeded, China team to 0:1 behind. At this time, the scene of tens of thousands of fans support for the Orangemen touching, cheers, cheers wavewave. After throwing the ball Chinese team quickly adjust, continuous use of Wu Lei and Yang Xu replaced Zhang Yuning and Yu Hai plain, three Bianzhen go forward. Seventieth minutes, Chinese team played with subtlety in the area, but after a scuffle broke still without surgery, but the Syria team to a fast counter attack opportunity, Helibinmen before shot over the bar. The second half of the last moment, Chinese team for the offensive is in does not score, did not create an absolute chance. The final Chinese team lost to Syria 0:1 team in Xi’an had 6 fight unbeaten Jinshen Gaopo, 1)相关的主题文章:

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