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A liar is this "ax", the police will teach you how to prevent – Beijing recent communication network of high incidence of fraud cases, Nanjing Gulou police combed the recent high incidence of fraud, sort out a most people by the circle of "fraud sanbanfu", we encounter must beware. The first resort: accurate personal information just participate in the work of the day he received a phone call, the other said he was the bank staff, and asked where are handled through a credit card, after receiving a negative answer, the staff said there is fraudulent use of identity information where the credit the card for somewhere, and the consumption of 50 thousand yuan. In what the other said, half believe and half doubt, with small banks here where I check the identity information, a check, he found that regardless of the name or ID number or before do have a bank card number, the other in full. Instantaneous lap, is it true? Police weapon: the current personal information leakage is serious, even if they can accurately report the true information to you, there is a letter, is the best way to verify, query accurately website address or call the official customer service phone for verification. Second tricks: poker-faced official calls for two days before receiving aunt Lee called the Public Security Bureau of the phone, the other said Aunt Lee suspected of financial fraud, the need for supervision and control of funds, have seen similar news of aunt Lee alert, she rightly expose a liar, but the other did not hang up the phone, also stressed that he did is a public security bureau office phone, caller ID is × × × × 110, and take the initiative to recommend aunt Lee call 114 queries, to verify the authenticity of the number of the investigation found that Li Ayi hung up the phone, the call is actually a Public Security Bureau office phone. Police weapon: when some illegal swindlers use network software or pseudo base station, the phone number can be changed arbitrarily. The police to teach you a simple method of identification: after hanging up the phone to dial the number, because these fake (either landline or mobile phone) 99% back in the past are real units, such as a public security agency. This time you just ask each other: "is there a police officer (prosecutor, judge) called me to say what I suspected cases?" To the real police or prosecutors, judges to verify. In particular, to be reminded that we must not only ask one: is such a public security bureau or the procuratorate, the court? You will get a positive answer, but it’s not just a liar. Third tricks: absolutely empty bank account living in Gulou District of Nanjing City three pailou Street Zhu aunt one day after receiving several bank sent a number of official consumer alert, anxious she immediately to a nearby bank ATM machine inspection, but I really found to account for less than 50 thousand yuan. To ask the bank teller, Zhu aunt received a phone call, the person claiming bank staff ", and suggested that Zhu aunt account may be stolen, to recover the money you need to provide a mobile phone verification code. As Zhu Ling相关的主题文章:

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