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Business User can manage project tasks and assignments with the help of a GamePlan Time module. This module is designed to encourage collaboration and coordination among team members. Keep Your Schedule Current – Create & edit schedules using GamePlan Scheduling software Your project team will always set an up-to-date schedule View Schedules the Way You Want – See a project schedule in a calendar view by day, week or month or stick to the traditional Gantt view. GamePlan makes it easy to use the view thats easiest for you Create and Edit Schedules with the Software You Use Now – GamePlan supports the integration with MS Project (exported XLS or XLSX format file) software you already use, just click to import your Master Schedule and edit View Tasks and Assignments Filtered by Company, User and Space- Use GamePlan filters the tasks and assignments to view scheduled tasks and assignments by company, user and even space. See a projects completed task, In Production tasks and critical path. More Features with More Integrated Tools The schedule Management module has a number of tools to help construction project management – Master Schedule, Look Ahead Plan, Weekly Work Plan, Project Game Plan, Constraint Analysis, Resource Loading, Quick Reports, Collaboration Space and Realtime Activity and Resource Views. Detail: GamePlan Construction Project Management Software Scheduling Ask your project team members are they working off the current schedule? With GamePlan, your entire team will always know theyre viewing the latest, most up-to-date schedule right in GamePlan. GamePlan displays current schedule, so that team meeting calls will always be held by every team member looking at the same time, current schedule. This happens when a team member submits their look ahead plans (LPA) and weekly work plans (WWP) to Collaborate Look Ahead Plan (CLAP) and Collaborated Weekly Work Plan (CWWP). Only authorized users can make schedule changes, such as changing task durations and submit to CLAP & CWWP of the project schedule. Unlike other construction project management software packages, GamePlan offers a choice of views that goes beyond the standard scheduling software Gantt chart. Construction software is used by a wide range of individuals, and some of those users may not have experience with construction project schedules and Gantt views. For this reason, GamePlan presents the construction project schedule available as a LAP (six week), WWP (one week) view. Project tasks for construction schedule are broken in two parts. First Master Schedule (MS) to Look Ahead Plan (LAP) and second Look Ahead Plan to Weekly Work Plan (WWP). Project task & assignment for the construction schedule are presented as individual rows. Each row displays the task name, as well as the resource assigned to that task and days when the task will be executed. GamePlan also provides users with the ability to view their construction project schedule. Using filtered views, where only the desired information is displayed on the Schedule page. Construction project schedules can be filtered by user wise, space wise or by company wise (contractor working on that task). Team members not only plan the time when the task should be done but they also plan the resources needed for those tasks and make sure that tasks are made ready when the time to execute on site comes. The GamePlan scheduling module is designed for teams working in a collaborative fashion. Other GamePlan modules complement to the scheduling module as users can make references to other documents and information in the system and get real time updates on the current status of resources such as equipment, crew and material. With GamePlan, the construction project schedule is also being supplemented by constraint analysis, quick reports, detailed reports on percentage plan complete, reasons for incomplete assignments and constraint (roadblock) removal performance. About the Author: Project Information Management (PIM) construction firms worldwide. GamePlan is the first industry-focused and integrated solution providing a lean principle based construction management solution that supports Last Planner System and Just-in-Time delivery. For more information about GamePlan, visit , or phone (+1) 979-209-0335. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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