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Real-Estate Sure you would have heard several rags to riches tales of self-made real estate millionaires. Proponents assert that real estate not only appreciates in value but can also be a source of monthly income. They add that you could easily work on fixer-uppers on weekends and the tax benefits are quite significant as well. But if everything is so hunky-dory, why dont more people step into this seemingly lucrative field? The answer is simple people are confused on where to begin. This article elucidates any confusion and provides the following start-up tips related to real estate investing for beginners. Have your real estate team ready before you begin serious property search. You must have a team comprising of an efficient bird-dog (person who searches for profitable assets), tax advisor, lawyer, and a loan officer. A team would help expedite the process of bagging an asset, which is crucial if you wish to stay ahead of your contemporaries. Dont invest too much too early. Work on residential properties initially, as that does not involve much funds and experience. Once you have mastered such assets, you may move on to commercial properties and large apartments, which offer greater returns. Location of the asset is pivotal. Another tip on real estate investing for beginners is not to disregard the location of the asset that you plan to purchase. Owning real estate in a developing area, with new and renovated properties, enhances your chance of accomplishing significant returns. Avoid purchasing new or fully renovated properties. As a beginner, you should usually avoid buying new or fully refurbished assets unless they are at a prime location. This is because such properties dont have much margin, as the upside has already been taken by the current owner. Its best to purchase property during its initial phase of development, since the price is quite reasonable at that time. Invest in real estate that is not remote. Look for property within a couple of hours drive from your home or office. This way you can easily keep a check on your assets. You may widen your net when you have a few managers, who can take care of remote properties, at your disposal. Dont go overboard if you bag a profitable deal at the outset. One of the most valuable tips on real estate investing for beginners is that real estate investment is not a walk in the park. A lone profitable deal does not guarantee another in succession. Real estate is all about astute investments and feeling the pulse of the market. It is advised that beginners maintain a gradual progress rate, without being over enthusiastic. Once they are experienced enough, they can afford to employ a few unconventional tactics. As we come to the conclusion of our primer on real estate investing for beginners, the tips outlined above may seem rudimentary to some. But the fact is that real estate investment is not for everyone. Some people just cant deal with distressed homeowners, fixing shabby houses, or a sudden slump in the market. Therefore, it is advised that wannabe investors have a clear grasp of what real estate is all about, and be sure that they can handle the occasional hiccups in the market. Copyright 2006 Joel Teo. All rights reserved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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