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UnCategorized Do you want to reduce your body fat to 10 percent? Then I am guessing that you are a male who wants a set of six pack abs. This is because 10% body fat is the magic number for men to start seeing their abs. But, they really start popping out at around 7 or 8%! For women the magic number is under 16%. No matter if you are a male or female the way you go about doing it is the same. Lots of people do cardio exercises in order to burn fat and there is certainly nothing wrong with it. However it is not the most effective use of your time. That is because it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to lose just one pound of fat. Let us say I spend an hour on the treadmill and lose 500 calories, that is pretty good but, considering a single pound of fat takes 3,500 calories to burn, I still have about 7 more hours to go. What we need to do is turn the game to our advantage and increase our metabolism so that we are burning calories at a higher rate throughout the day, even when we are at rest. The best way to do this is by lifting weights. This is because muscle weighs more than fat and the more muscle a body has the harder it has to work so it burns more fat. But, the type of exercises you do will increase your bodys metabolism even more. By doing exercises that work multiple muscle groups such as the dead lift, squats, bench press and others you are exerting so much effort that your body will actually burn calories at a higher rate for days on end. You may be familiar with these exercises and have seen them done with a barbell. I am going to introduce you to a completely different piece of equipment though, the kettlebell. This is a cannonball shaped device with a handle. Typically a man will use a 35 pounder and women will use 15 to 25 pounds. The benefit that this device has over traditional barbells is that you can swing it so that there is an added cardiovascular element that is not available with barbells or dumbbells. Studies have shown that you can burn as many as 20 calories a minute with a kettlebell and lose as much as 1% body fat a week. So, here is a weeks worth of workouts to start you off on your successfully reducing your body fat to 10%. Week 1: A/B/A/B/A Week 2: B/A/B/A/B A: Figure 8s (simply swing the KB from hand to hand between your legs), KB swings (Swing the KB between your legs thrusting out with your hips), renegade rows, squats, dead lifts. (To expend extra calories you may even want to wear a backpack full of sand during the leg exercises. B: Pull ups, dips, clean and press, snatch, military press, rows. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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