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The end of a relationship is never easy to deal with, but wanting to get back together with your ex is something that will make the situation much harder to accept. Before you make any attempt to change his mind and win him back, you need to be absolutely certain that this is what you want. Think about the reasons behind the break up and whether there is anything you would do differently with the benefit of hindsight. If there was nothing you would change, then it is possible that the relationship coming to an end was the best thing for both of you. However, if you regret some of the things you said or did, then it might be worth giving your relationship another try. Allow your ex some time to miss you. Dont try to contact him for several weeks after the break up, as this will simply cause him to resent you and he will be even more convinced that he does not want you in his life any longer. Instead, use your free time to do things that you enjoy. Getting on with a variety of activities in your own life will make you seem much happier and more fulfilled, which in turn will make you appear more attractive. If you gave up any hobbies during your relationship, now is an excellent time to start doing them again. Your ex would have fallen in love with you as a confident, independent woman, so rediscover her and make sure you have fun doing it. Dont neglect your appearance either, like so many women do after a break up. Maybe have your hair cut in a new style, or update your wardrobe with some new, flattering clothes. Dress to impress, particularly if there is any chance you will run into your ex. Use every opportunity you get to show him exactly what he is missing. Even if you dont see him personally, if any of his friends happen to see you, he will hear about how well you seem to be doing. He will also find out if other men are flirting with you. If this happens, dont be afraid to flirt back. 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