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Arts-and-Entertainment Here are the top Facebook for small business tips in making a business facebook page. Its commonly difficult and magically refreshing when engaging positive content draws interested visitors. Focus on your content first and the "likes" will follow. Think viral. The average Facebook user has 135 friends. Consider the enormous reach when making a business Facebook page. For instance, if only 10% of your friends circle share your featured content with their friend circle. This first generation of 14 did the same with their circle of friends and so on. After 5 generations your message would have reached 4.4 million and had nearly a half million shares! Not a bad ROI on making a business Facebook page! Get Smart. Smart phone usage continues to climb to new heights. For 25% of users that is their only internet access. Making a business Facebook page smart phone friendly is smart business too. Did you know that the default Facebook for small business platform isn’t very smart phone friendly?     The Building Blocks of Facebook for Small Business Heres how making a business Facebook page can be a magnet marketing tool for any small business. If you have never signed up for Facebook or just started with a business Facebook page below is a quick guide: 1. You Think of how you engage with people at a social gathering or a networking event. You discuss interests and share stories. The only difference with making a business Facebook page? Imagine having a similar conversation with a million people, at once! 2. Sign up for a Facebook Account It is free and easy to set up. Use the many help resources available. This is where your personal interests go. Be sure you stay current with Facebook privacy policies. 3. Making a Facebook Business Page Formerly called a fan page its currently free. This is where the work stuff goes. Featured promotions, pics and short videos can be posted here. Inviting customer comments is a great way in making a Facebook business page engaging. 4. Facebook for Small Business Tip: You can make this your primary page and skip the personal account emphasis. However, building up a personal network of friends is key to traffic for making a Facebook business page succeed. 5. Build Traffic. The easiest way after making a business Facebook page is to start by inviting your friends and customers. Consider other tools off line (flyers and business cards) and on line (website and blog) beyond just making a business Facebook page. 6. "Like Us" This phrase is part of our mainstream culture and a growing obsession when making a business Facebook page. It simply means that when visitors come on your Facebook for small business page they can click on "Like". This simple voting like process builds momentum in the online search communities. 7. Build Cross Links Once you have a Facebook for small business page link you are free to post your link anywhere. Company website, Linked In, Twitter, e-mail signature, business cards and print collateral and promotions should be on your checklist in making a business Facebook page grow steady traffic. 8. Ongoing Training and Support – A successful Facebook for small business marketing approach is ongoing, not a short term campaign. Make sure you have the support you need geared to a small business environment. Facebook for Small Business ROI Challenge While its free and easy to start many dont know how to measure their return from their Facebook for small business investment. Compare the return from traditional marketing tools you are receiving today. Satisfied? If not, the skyrocketing influence of social media with your likely audience is why Facebook for small business can no longer afford NOT making a business Facebook page part of their marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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