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Internet-and-Business-Online The importance of webpage optimisation is greatly debated and contested amongst professional seo consultants.Some would argue that the quality of links and the anchor text of links is the most important factor influencing search engine ranking positioning, also known as SERPS, others would argue that it is the optimisation of the webpages that has the greatest influence. It is my belief and experience that all factors are important, link volume and quality, the anchor text, relevance and page rank of the page providing the link, the variety of sources of link, the site structure and number of pages and the optimisation of the webpage. Which may seem a short list of factors, but inn fact the work involved should not be underestimated. The most successful system I have found for page optimisation is that of benchmarking. Benchmarking optimisation as an SEO service involves the comparisonn of the target webpage for the target keyword against the current top 10 ranking sites for the specified keyword or keywords. This process takes into account the keyword frequency and density within all areas of the webpage. The process includes a benchmarking analysis of the page title, description and body content and supports the individual optimising the page by giving them the keyword density and frquency parameters of the existing top 10 listed sites in the specified search engine. The logic behind this benchmarking process is that if the SEO attributes of the newly optimised page mirror that of the existing top 10 it should soon be ranked accordingly. This process does include benchmarking the backlinks to the specified page and the frequency of the keyword with in link anchor text. Overall this is a simplified explanation of what is a relatively complex process, however having practised the process for several years on several hundred webpages that have all achieved top 10 search engine ranking for their target keywords would seem to be sufficient evidence that the theory is correct, because ultimately it works. The debate over seo amongst those delivering SEO services will enivitably continue as very few people if any have a full understanding of search algorithms. That said if the SEO consultant works toward the same goal as the search engine, that being to help the user find the most relevant material matching there search, then the battle is half won. The next most important factor is marketing and making people aware of your content in a manner that search engines can relate to, this could be called electronic popularity, get the word out there and get as many influential sites linking back to your contant as possible. Copyright (c) 2009 Ianson Internet Marketing About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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