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Careers-Employment Canada has a lot to offer not only in terms of natural beauty and resources but also in terms of a high standard of living, free medical benefits, stable economy, corruption-free politics and unpolluted environment. With such benefits, it comes as no surprise that since 1994, the United Nations has rated Canada as the best country in the world to live in. Canada is also considered an ideal immigration spot, with its transparent immigration policy. Even though immigrating is challenging for many reasons, it is usually doable Common Misconceptions about Immigration There are many misconceptions people have about immigrating to Canada. Below are a few: 1.One automatically acquires Canadian Citizenship by Marrying a Canadian citizen: Marrying a Canadian Citizen only allows one the liberty of applying for immigration" Just like any other person. 2.Hiring an immigration lawyer/ lying about some facts/ being a citizen of X country speeds up the immigration process: This is untrue as well. No immigration representative has special access to Canadian programs and services and no one is granted the right to guarantee visa. The only thing that can speed the process is filling up the forms properly, which in itself is a challenging job 3.One may win the immigration lottery to Canada: There is no immigration lottery for Canada. It is true that USA has a Diversity Visa Program (which is free), and it basically is a visa lottery held every year. However Canada does not. 4.Canada is heaven on earth: The Scenic landscape and picturesque beauty of Canada May deceive one into thinking that there is no place like Canada however the freezing temperature may compel you to change your mind How to protect yourself against scams Immigration consultants come into play when one is filling up paperwork. However many scams have been reported by people falsely claiming to be immigration consultants. One has to be aware of such people. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, only the following people may charge a fee to represent or advise you on immigration and refugee matters with the Government of Canada: a.Immigration consultants who are members in good standing of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) b.Lawyers who are members in good standing of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society c.Notaries who are members in good standing of the Chambre des notaires du Qubec The Government of Canada will not deal with non-authorized consultants who charge a fee for their service. And a person or organization who does not charge a fee for their service may also represent you. Below are some ways through which the authenticity of an immigration consultancy can be found: Through Verification with the CSIC By verifying the license of the attorney with the Provincial Law Society in the province where one plans to immigrate. For Quebec, contact the Chambre des notaires du Qubec to verify a notary. Asking for referrals. Visiting their website ad determining whether they are professionals. If asked for a fee by someone claiming to be an agent for a Canadian law firm or for a licensed consultant, then contacting the company or person in Canada to make sure that the person is really an agent. One may also refer to the Government of Canada"s official site to be more aware of the rules and regulations of immigration. These rules keep changing however and must be aware and keep up with these changes. No matter how badly one wants to go to Canada, It"s wiser to think twice before paying for immigration advice! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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