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Although an amplifier is devoted to a particular purpose in your car audio system, it is not only there to do its job, but to look good as well. After all, no car audio lover wants an ugly gigantic car amplifier to take over their car. Heres a low down on the sleekest and cheapest 5-6 channel car amps around and what they can for your car audio system too! At the entry price, the Hell Fire HL-5.13 5 channel amp is a beautiful, robust and cost effective amp. A clean, curvaceous and sleek amp, with the classic Hell fire logo and motifs, this amplifier looks the part in your car. Perfect for the mid-to high systems it achieves an output of 4 x 225 watts, as well as 150 hz high-pass. Moreover, the low-pass is adjustable from 30 to 300hz and allows subwoofers to be added to the cars acoustics. On this model a bass boost of 12db at 35hz available, making it a an apt amp for bass lovers. This robust machine also comes with a function that protects your speakers from switching noise, enabling safe listening. For a bit more money, you can get your hands on the Sony XM-1505SX an outrageous looking amp that would look at home in a Land Rover. BassJunkies.com has labeled it as an aggressively styled car amplifier, with its bright orange ridges exploding among the grey centre point. Not only does it look frilling, like any Sony device, it works very well indeed. With enough power and features to power all your speakers and a subwoofer, this amp is well worth the price. For a mere 229.00, Sony gives you high and low pass overs (50-300hz) that let you tune your system for maximum output and efficiency, a variable bass boost of 0-10db at 40hz and a MOSFET power supply, which handles the large power supply. With a sensitive but wide ranging frequency response rate of 20-50,00Hz, the Sony XM-1505SX is ideal for those who listen to a wide range of frequencies. For those who like digital, try the Kenwood KAC-X5D 5 channel car amplifier, which has a maximum output of 1200w. A chic liquorice black curvaceous rectangular amp, the Kenwood KAC includes a multifunctional power indicator and blue illuminated screen. It looks at home in an audio system, due to its similar look to regular household audio systems. With a maximum output of 1200 watts and a cooling system, this efficient class D amp is ideal for the regular user who wants power – but not for it to drain their battery too much! As well as a cooling system, the KAC-X5D5 includes a protective function, a MOSFET power supply and dual supply capabilities. The digital KAC furthers expectations by also having a frequency response of 20-20,000hz. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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