Tianbo Yang Fu, looking back to meet the lights 周慧敏晒健身照 航班上充电宝自燃

during the Spring Festival, the lantern Yang warrior in every kind of cultural activities kicked off. "Tianbo Yang Fu and Song Happy Chinese New Year Lantern Festival will" Yu Zheng at the beginning of the month and the twelfth lunar month twenty-three officially started. During the day, visitors can see in the house in "big", "Yang Fu Yang Fu pay New Year’s call", "seven blessing parade Yang Jin Jue" and "longevity" and other performance of real cool Yang Jiajiang, hear the classic opera performances, enjoy flying, jumping head ladder, soft power and other folk performing Jueyi, Yang Fu in taste delicacy, can also come to participate in the game, making the lantern feel, feel in the bustling Tianbo Yang Fu in the atmosphere of the new year.

in the night sky Yang Fu is everywhere decorated lantern lit. As the opening song here in 2017 Lantern Festival hosted scenic spots, ingenious layout of lamps in Tianbo Yang Fu, perfect to create a dreamy lights in the world. And all the lights also have a nice name "zuiho celebrate Spring", "blossoming", "rooster" these lights "group of great momentum, treasure fortune", "boy 27.409", "auspicious auspicious wealth" lamp group, and the cartoon lamp group and Meng fruit light sweet and creative group full, in addition to "shoot", "the pot", "guess lantern riddles", "dice" and "put lotus lamp" song of traditional games joined together on the reproduction of the Song Dynasty lantern lantern tours Yang Fu lively places.

Long Yang Fu Building in the sky carries a long history, these buildings have become more visible to the ancient city of culture, is the heart of the ancient city of people’s indelible homesickness.

Yang warrior is the Northern Song Dynasty famous patriotic general Yang Jiye mansion, mansion is located in the beautiful Longting scenic spot beside the large building a set of historical culture, and the Song Dynasty building a landscape of lakes and mountains as a whole, the Yang Fu Garden, is a city of Jiangnan garden style garden, North is a hard Hill building? Corridor connection, sky water introduced from West Lake Yang Bitan, from the south of the garden and the East and West detour through waterside promenade, after the last round to the north of the garden rockery. The arch under the acacia tree near the Li "sky Bitan stone". Go ahead, you can see the rockery, pond, small bridges, waterside pavilion, and thick bamboo, little and dainty, qujingtongyou.

at the end of the bridge is a fish pond can enjoy the fish, the other end is a rockery, visitors can board the rockery to view the beauty of the park.

Yang warrior can not only enjoy the beautiful lights, can also see the wonderful performance of real and enjoy classic opera. In fact, in ancient times, the Lantern Festival is a very lively romantic holiday, men and women by enjoying lanterns, lantern riddles Masaoki, actually also find their love in each other, so in the literature of the "lantern" plot has been staged, and a story which compose.


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