2017 variety market to go back to the new model does not rely on the introduction of new IP xhero

2017 go to the new mode of market variety retro does not rely on the introduction of IP by Tencent the Fang Fang Wang Yao entertainment Zhuangao commissioning editor in the winter of 2016 came early, 10 years not to wear long johns the woman, all had to wear warm clothes. This cold air spread everywhere, even in previous years, the hottest TV investment, has also been infected. The fourth quarter, the TV should be the harvest season, on the one hand the acceptance result show card; hand for next year’s recruiting savings "ammunition feed". Recently, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, East echelon television stations to complete the first round of investment promotion, and in previous years, advertisers have to loot the TV Resources in stark contrast, this year all the investment will be a "desolate". Almost every TV station has shouted "increase the amount does not increase (copyright increases, not price)" and other slogans to attract gold, but advertisers are more calm than any year. A television advertising department responsible person told reporters cried: "every year, many programs are not to enrol business ah, this year and it is too bad." Although the end of the tender did not announce the TV, everyone seems to have guessed the cold end. This period crazy variety by observing the situation of satellite TV investment, insight into the pattern of 2017 TV and variety trend. China Merchants observation: to see more people buy less, the heart of Hunan TV television very careful investment promotion on the five host will remember the last mango promotion? They play very exaggerated, TV appearances and a variety of high-level creative, "3D UFO", and trapeze, bustling crowded place. This year, Hunan satellite TV is no longer dazzle technology, but dished out the people want to cry to invest a copy of the play cards. This year, Dragon TV and Hunan TV in the same site do promotion, Oriental TV Center Director Li Yong reports, the whole station in the advertiser side did not power, as is "closer to the gold master". Jiangsu satellite TV is regardless of the face of the brothers, direct combing three big product trap to attract eyeballs. Anhui satellite TV steady see Kung Fu, into the law as the theme of the investment video, but also gorgeous eye-catching. On the surface, no matter which of the promotion, the scene is still full, full house, all the late one can only stand to listen to three or four hours. However, the surface of the heart, really can suction eye and suction gold? Reporters visited a number of TV advertising center responsible person, talking about this year’s investment situation, most of which is a life can not love, the expression, hard, difficult year by year, especially difficult this year." Yes, this winter is very cold, the TV business seems to have been infected with a chill. We all know that every year the TV investment, is a competition of PPT drama, behind the gorgeous PPT, the survival rate is totally dependent on gold master to not give money dad. A television Mr. G smile: "like visiting the market, look at the people who buy less. This year, the attitude of the TV station is very low, all of the TV are shouting ‘do not increase prices, but also increase the layout of the resources’ have to buy to send, packaged to send benefits. A TV station is set "junlingzhuang ensure ratings."! Even though.相关的主题文章:

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