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11 party in Shenzhen super bowl when Producer Director David Hill, Qianjiang Evening News in October 10th, 11 in the double one month countdown to the occasion, "2016 Tmall double 11 carnival night," the Organizing Committee and the Shenzhen municipal government officially confirmed: this year’s double 11 party will be located in Shenzhen Grand Canal in the heart of the stadium, the two sides will jointly to launch a global audience with international top level Internet culture festival. But after Feng Xiaogang, the "super bowl" king of the gold producer David Hill in the United States? Will this year double 11 party director — David Hill has over 20 years of supervision? The "super bowl", and is responsible for the production of the 88 Oscar awards, "American Idol" and other popular classic TV show. In addition, after Shanghai Jahwa won the Tmall this year, double 11 party billion level exclusive naming rights, micro technology, Head and Shoulders has officially become a whale this year double 11 carnival night special partner. The annual internet entertainment area of Shenzhen released in 2009 from the beginning of the "double 11", witnessed the change of 8 years "online shopping" to Chinese daily life, production, and under the background of Internet retail, logistics, financial industry, all kinds of structure and operation mode change, and has become the global consumers to participate in the carnival Festival and the top IP. On 2016 Tmall double 11 carnival night in Shenzhen, the Alibaba group chief marketing officer Dong Benhong said: "Shenzhen has a special meaning for Chinese, represents a kind of spirit, aspiring and facing the world and the future. Double 11 has already crossed the borders, beyond the boundaries of the Internet, I believe that through cooperation with Shenzhen, "Tmall 2016 double 11 carnival night" will allow viewers to experience the global science and technology and cultural entertainment with surprise and joy." It is understood that 2016 Tmall double carnival night, the first ticket, the 11 row of the 11 presented to the Shenzhen municipal government. The general director of the king is tossing endless entertainment last year, Feng Xiaogang served as director of the double 11 carnival night, the first show, which occupy the same time the country’s first broadcast program, attracting nearly 100 million viewers to watch. And the beginning of November 10th this year, Tmall double 11 carnival night, will gather more top entertainment resources, the introduction of more international operation to create more subversive imagination interaction, the party to fight shoulder to shoulder "super bowl" of the international top IP. "Most of the time in my life are in the TV broadcast or TV room." Hill, director of the new double 11 party general, introduced himself to the Chinese audience through video. He firmly believes that the philosophy of the program is to create a relaxed environment for the audience, so that the audience to enjoy the program itself." It is reported that David will soon start to work to China. As the TV legend David? Hill is the first to debut as the sports reporter, and served as senior Fawkes sports in the United States, the National Geographic Channel, for over 20 years, Hill was responsible for every year of Major League Baseball World Series, the National Hockey League’s Stanley cup and Scarl (NASCAR) Datona (Daytona) the 500 national competition)相关的主题文章:

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