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1 million how much is left in 10 years? This thing must be done now or in the future, there is a risk of investment, but the greater the risk is not investment, there is a risk that: "nothing to do!" Over the past month, the yuan has depreciated by 1.6% against the dollar. The RMB has become the market speculation topic of the people’s Bank will re adjust the exchange rate, foreign exchange reserves Chinese fear of mass exodus, emerging market assets potential face a new wave of selling, the dollar appreciated in the United States or financial environment tightening, and force the fed to abandon the plan to raise interest rates. On the one hand, the continued depreciation of the RMB, on the other hand, CPI return to the 1 era, producer price index PPI continued to improve, a decline narrowed to -2.6%. Some analysts said that inflation will open the three quarter easing policy window period. RRR cut interest rate increase in Henan Province, the next 6 months, the continued depreciation of the RMB award. So, how should we look at the trend of the RMB in the next 6 months? The dollar is still an important factor, but the hegemony has been shaken, the most convincing evidence is fed in the adjustment of interest rate cycle at the same time, to consider the renminbi and China asset market potential response. Devaluation caused by global shocks, disrupted the Fed rate hike last year in March this year appeared in rhythm; the group of 20 finance ministers and central bank governors of the Shanghai summit after the currency "truce", not only conducive to the two countries, but also conducive to other emerging economies. We will maintain a high degree of rationality over the next 6 months of the RMB, the depreciation rate is expected to be about $3% to $5%, the exchange rate of RMB against the trade weighted basket of currencies will remain relatively stable. Relative to the yen, pound, euro, Singapore dollar, ringgit Malaysia or Indonesia, RMB can almost be said to be subdued. Whether to consider the following questions: now 1 million yuan, equivalent to the number of years after the current 10? 20 years later? Small gold today will be based on three time points of the actual rate of inflation and currency circulation, through scientific computing, perhaps you can draw the conclusions of the above problems. Based on data from 1980 to 1980, China’s broad money supply grew at an annual rate of about 22.45% over the past 36 years, with China’s real annual inflation rate of about $11.9%. If calculated according to this data, we can roughly calculate the two models of the current $1 million, 10 years later and after the equivalent of today, how much money today, 20. To be honest, some of the predictions based on the data since 1980 have been "too violent" – China’s future economy. Since 1997 the data prediction based on fact, since the central bank China beginning with international standards, the central government can not reach up to the central bank (but by the Ministry of finance to issue bonds), a great extent eliminate the money supply by more than 20% in the era of fierce india. On the whole, both the real rate of inflation and the rate of money issue have been greatly reduced. According to figures released by the people’s Bank of China, the annual growth rate of China’s broad money supply since 1997 is about 16.9%, China’s real currency相关的主题文章:

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